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Default Re: Arcade games are here!

Gawd, I just lost an hour of my life Doc. Why did you do that?

When I was in college, I worked for a arcade company. Most people at that time owning this type of busines were connected, so, I sorta worked for the mob!

I used to go to bars and clean pinball machines, fix anything broken, collect the money and split with the bar owner. The coin box would hold maybe 150 bucks in quarters.

Then pong came out. They used the same size coin box in the first one. The first week of pong had every coin box overflowing. We had to buy kits to put bigger boxes in.

Then space invaders came out. They had boxes that held maybe 300 bucks in quarters. Same thing - boxes overflowing and mechanisms broken. I think we ended up with 750 dollar boxes or some outrageous amount. Those machines paid for themselves in about 6 weeks.

I was carrying a lot of money in my car. Part of my route was to have to do the machines in the gay and lesbo bars on Halsted. Now that was different!
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