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Old 08-10-2009, 08:48 PM
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Default Michigan City Superboat Race this past weekend

If you want pix of the event, click on my sig link below and go to the "Michigan City SBI 2009" album.

Here's the cool part. Saturday, Miss Geico's brand new boat, an all Carbon Fiber Mystic with twin turbine engines (6000+ horsepower, they run them at over 105%), broke the tunnel flap off. This meant no race Sunday. I was at the crane when they pulled it out and saw the broken CF.

I called my kid (he was also there with friends), and he went over to Geico's pit area to see if they might need a vacuum pump for vacuum bagging the CF. We didn't know they lost the whole flap. Long story short, 3:30 pm on a Saturday, Miss Geico needs some 6061 0.250 sheared, bent, drilled, studs welded on, square holes for carriage bolts, etc, before they could race. So my kid opens shop, builds the part for them, installs it, and gets home at 3:30am.

They have him over for team breakfast at 8, and he helps out. I show up with wife and the entire crew is complimenting him so much.

Anyway, Sunday's race for Geico lasted two laps; they blew a gearbox. The turbines and gearboxes were from the previous Mis Geico.

Sunday night, they pull the turbines and gearboxes to get them all rebuilt before a race somewhere on Lake Erie in two weeks.

It looks like my kid may be the newest crew member for Miss Geico. I am so glad for him!
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