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  1. Janky


    Just trying to stir up some conversation... Our 20' Chaparral came with a 15x16 and a 14.5x18 backup in the engine compartment (both 4 blade). I was surprised the top speed as configured was a little slow at around 40mph. Did a little googling and it appears that smaller pitch and bigger...
  2. Janky

    Outdrive painting

    Anyone repaint their outdrives? I used to have an outboard, which I sanded, primered and painted. It looked ok and lasted fine for a few years. I am hoping to do my Volvo SX outdrive, but I was skimming the manual and noticed a section on painting! It says you must apply chromate conversion...
  3. Janky

    Engine compartment insulation

    Satisfying offseason project completed! Since I bought the 2004 204SSi one year ago, the engine insulation has been literally falling apart. The boy and I scraped off the old, then applied a new sheet of UXCELL Car sound damper. I'm hoping this is one area where an automotive product can be...
  4. Janky

    Perfect Pass

    Finally pulled the trigger on a Perfect Pass kit. Also bought a wetsuit so I can test it out before next season ;) Should be here next week. Love to hear any advice from those who have installed them before. Volvo Penta 5.0GXi-E. Otherwise, I'll post details when I do the install. I'm...
  5. Janky

    Stall when coming off throttle

    Anyone ever investigate a stalling problem when coming off throttle? Specifically, when doing watersports with the kids, when someone goes down and I return to pick the up. If I come off the throttle too quickly (and especially if I come off and go right to neutral), the rpms drop and the...