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  1. Doc

    Used boats purchase

    Congrats. Post pics when you can please.
  2. Doc

    Used boats purchase

    I am not aware of any particular issues with either of those crafts. Before buying a test ride on the water is a must in my book.
  3. Doc

    Stern Anchor?

    In your situation I do think a mushroom would work okay or a smaller fluke. A little movement of the boat would be acceptable and the mushroom would keep it in place for the most part. Myself, if a cove gets that crowded I'd hunt for another cove if possible. LOL I know, you probably...
  4. Doc

    Happy 4th of July

    aka Independence day. Cheers!!!
  5. Doc

    Did you know ....

    When sperm whales need a nap, they take a deep breath, dive down about 45 feet and arrange themselves into perfectly-level, vertical patterns. They sleep sound and still for up to two hours at a time between breaths, in pods of 5 or 6 whales, presumably for protection. No one knew whales slept...
  6. Doc

    Did you know ....

    Did you know that the Snail Road, also known as Paso de los Libertadores, is one of the most emblematic and challenging routes in South America. This road connects Chile with Argentina, passing through the majestic Andes Range. Top features: 1. **Location**: The road is located in the...
  7. Doc

    Happy Father's Day

    Thank You Denny. Happy Fathers day to you and all the fathers here on the forums.
  8. Doc

    New Member

    Very nice. Sounds like a great deal. Boats prices have gone up so much. a 23 ft new for less than 100k seems like a deal. Enjoy.
  9. Doc

    New Member

    NICE!!!!!! Do you mind sharing top speed and what you paid for your new baby?
  10. Doc

    Layers in my hull, boat made in 2013. What if there is a leak?

    I am no expert. I was looking at a boat model that was known to have rotting stringers. No easy way to eyeball them to see. A moisture meter was recomended to see if the stringers had moisture. This would give me a clue if they were in the process of rotting out. I suspect a moisture...
  11. Doc

    Safe Holiday Weekend To All

    Fantastic boating weekend up to this afternoon. The big ole thunderstorm, that killed folks on it's way through the midwestern states, came through at 5pm and more rain and lightning forecast for tomorrow so ..... we ended boating early. Pulled our girl out of the water and parked her in the...
  12. Doc

    Toilet water supply

    Can you get your phone camera back in the area to take a few pics or a video of the area you can't see?
  13. Doc

    New Member

    I apologize. I got your boat size mixed. up. With a 20' you might be at a 19 or 20 pitch. Years ago I had a 20ft boat and I ran a 17p. It was a 6 cyl. 4.3 L. Good luck
  14. Doc

    New Member

    Aluminum gives / bends a bit on take off. Stainless would help your hole shot. Pitch is always stamped on the prop. A number like 26 with a circle around it, at least that's what I've seen on mine. Sometimes it will be 26p. I suspect that is the pitch of your current prop for your...
  15. Doc

    Alternator not charging on a 2006 265ssi

    Sorry I have no ideas. Hope someone else with more knowledge than I will come by soon. Good luck.
  16. Doc

    Alternator not charging on a 2006 265ssi

    I think the voltage gauge only is reading for whichever battery you have picked to start the engine. Try switching to another battery and see if the voltage gauge reads different. Otherwise, for me, 3 batteries can get confusing. I had three when I bought my 288 Sunsation with a 496 mag...
  17. Doc

    FS: Aluminum Gangway Dock Ramp 25' x 4'

    Good Condition. $3300 Reedsville Ohio 45772