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    No Power To Elite II A/C Wall Unit Control

    Hoping someone has a comment, although I've got a call into a marine hvac tech too. Doing shakedown for the season this week and in addition to a few leaks that needed attention I have an issue with the heat/ac. It worked the last day of the 2021 season, so who knows why, but now it's not...
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    2 Issues - Help Needed

    Hi Everyone. So glad this forum was started given the deterioration and ultimate death of the Chap site. I've gotten great support over the years and shared some of my own experiences as well. Anyway, I've got 2 issues on 2 different boats that need to be resolved before the 2022 season gets...
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    NMEA 2000 on older boat - data availability

    Hey all. Hoping we've got a tech guy (or gal) on here who might know the answer or have a suggestion. I know this is a bit long winded, but I want to give enough info that hopefully someone can give some useful input. I just finished installing a NMEA 2000 network on my 2004 Signature 350. My...
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    ACC Switch @ Helm Question

    Hey all. Quick question if anyone knows before I pull my dash panel. Also, I realize my year and model may be different, but I'm installing a NMEA 2000 network on my boat and have the backbone cable run where I want it to the helm. I have my power drop cable connected to the backbone and last...
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    Power Steering Fluid Leak - Help

    I discovered my power steering system is losing fluid. It got hard to steer about a week ago, so I just added fluid and didn't think much of it because the steering effort returned to normal. But, after running the boat about an hour it got hard to turn the wheel again and when I got home I...