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  1. Doc

    Ethanol going to 15% ?

    I hope not. 15% would cripple our little boating community. Ethanol free is not available anywhere nearby.
  2. Doc

    Please donate in support of NBT

    Maybe a lot of you missed this. Or else we are in a bit of a jam. Only one member has stepped up to help support our forums. Last year only one member stepped up in support of our forums. We've grown a good bit and I thought / hoped more would see the value of NBT and enjoy what the...
  3. Doc

    High pitch metal noise when propeller is in gear

    At least the marine shop it taking care of the issue. I would hope for a test run by the marine shop before you pick it up. Had they done this to start with it would have saved you and your wife some aggravation..
  4. Doc

    Bad Buoy

    Looks NICE!!!!
  5. Doc

    Bad Buoy

    Hi and welcome to NBT. Ditto, let's see pics of that Bad Buoy!!!!! :D
  6. Doc

    Please donate in support of NBT

    Hey guys and gals, it's that time again. Here I am with hat in hand. This is the one time each year I ask for help with forum costs. If you enjoy the forums and can afford to donate to help with forum expenses I would sure appreciate your show of support. Please Consider Donating I did not...
  7. Doc

    Oil: Synthetic blend vs regular oil

    I had my transom replaced last year at a performance marine shop. So many impressive boats. I had them winterize and change oil in mine and they used Rotella. I told them I had been using Mobile One synthetic before he changed the oil. Later I talked to him about how synthetic kept my...
  8. Doc

    Outage 9/17/23

    ???? That would be a chit load of work. Wipe the server disk clean, then load new operating system, load db software, then build databases, then load forum software, set up networking, etc etc etc ..... then we'd have a completely empty forum with no members. Everyone would have to sign up...
  9. Doc

    Outage 9/17/23

    whats that?
  10. Doc

    Outage 9/17/23

    I lease a server from an Internet Service Provider aka ISP. We were over 90% full on our disk space. That caused server to run out of disk swap space. This is needed for the operating system to function. And this cascaded into more issues. With other configuration files which keep our...
  11. Doc

    Outage 9/17/23

    I believe this is the first outage over 15 minutes that we've had in 2 years, maybe more. Sadly we ran out of a couple server resources. :(. Nothing money can't fix. LOL We should be good to go. And even faster. I had to buy more storage, and to get more storage I had to add two...
  12. Doc

    Powell Challenge

    sounds fun. Pics please. :D
  13. Doc

    Florida Keys, September '22

    What a fantastic trip. And more to come this year. Awesome. Looking forward to this years video. :D
  14. Doc

    Tie ups vs wake boats?

    Agreed, no wake zones can sure be annoying. Especially on a hot day. 1000 rpm or below equals 3 to 4 mph. Not much fun.
  15. Doc

    Tie ups vs wake boats?

    Nope. None. The Ohio River has barge traffic. With barges traveling up and down daily they cannot have a no wake zone or the barges could not operate. Consideration of other boaters would be nice. Some are, most it seems are not.
  16. Doc

    Tie ups vs wake boats?

    I'm on the Ohio River.
  17. Doc

    Tie ups vs wake boats?

    Wake boating has grown in my area. This is when the person behind the boat rides the wake without a rope pulling him. The wake boat goes extra slow and has 500LBs or more of water in a pouch in the rear of the boat to give it more wake. The wake produced when wake boating is huge. I have...
  18. Doc

    Boating Babes (Babes on or off the boat) post em here.

    Watch me. I'm going in for a big SNIFF. LOL
  19. Doc

    1994 Chaparral 2550 SX for Sale

    For a 29 year old boat that interior looks great already (before detailing). How many hours on the engine? Bravo 3 was not original on that boat was it?
  20. Doc

    Vacuflush model on Chaparral Sunesta 264 2017

    Welcome to Net Boat Talk. Sorry but I cannot help answer your question. Maybe someone else will mosey along with some info soon.