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It happened a few years ago on the Chesapeake Bay in the area of Annapolis, Md. i was boating at the time and the VHF radio was buzzing with calls. I was in the area but was late to the scene. Nobody was hurt in the collision. The Coast Guard conducted an investigation but to the best of my knowledge the results were not made public. The local rules experts concluded responsibly was contributory. The Give Way Boat (powerboat) failed in its obligation to alter course to avoid a collision with the Stand On Boat (sailboat under sail). And the Stand On Boat failed in its obligation to alter course in an emergency situation to avoid an imminent collision.



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I have come to the conclusion after all of my years of boating that there is no right of way on the water, because no one knows that there is one.
So I will give every time that the situation arises.
Consider what is possible while you are on the water, and be ready.


Years ago I had the family with me at the New Smyrna beach. Tide slipped in on us. I had a van on the beach, we barely made it up the ramp to get off the beach.

Love being able to drive on the beach. Heading back to New Smyrna later this year.
Yikes!! I was amazed at how quick the tide can come back in there too.

Spent some time at Port Orange a couple of winters ago. Lovely spot and yes, driving on the beach in that area is kinda handy! And cycling up and down it is great fun too. Took a little tour down to New Smyrna and Ponce Inlet as well. Lovely area and plan to return with a 5th wheel as soon as my wife retires. :)

Just watch out when in the water there (especially New Smyrna). It is the shark-attack capital of the world!


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Wife and I spent a week there last Oct. Great time. Right on the beach. Drove on the beach and got in the water ...up to mid calf only. No sharks there. LOL Boy has that place grown up. So many new places since the last time I was there 20+ years ago. Still, we had a good time. The Garlic, a top rated Italian Restaurant is FANTASTIC. We also ate at Ponc Inlet and in Daytona at a couple ocean front places. All good. Talking about it makes me want to go back NOW. LOL