Dink recommendation for my Express Cruiser


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Posting here and the Chaparral forum,
I'm getting the new-to-me 37' express cruiser delivered first week in January and want to have a dinghy ready. Considering it's 11'10 beam, what inflatable dinghy would you recommend? I'm thinking inflatable floor and a motor strong enough to plane. I'm most likely to tow it, or rig a system to tilt it up on the stern while at the dock.
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You need to take into consideration how many people will be in it most of the time.
What will be the easiest way to load and unload, especially if you are by yourself.
Do not shop price alone, shop quality, and sometimes there are good deals on used ones.
The boat itself are not expensive, it is the motor.
If you buy new from a dealer that has a service department, they should be able to work with you on a setup that will fit your needs. Denny.


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Yes, how many people are you normally going to carry.

I would go with a AL double hull. This will give you a flat floor and water will drain between the hulls.

Most davit system you can launch by your self, recovery maybe a little harder OR you use a wench system.