Transfer Navionics ownership

I purchased a new to me boat. It came with the Axiom 12 inch display running Lighthouse 3. I have Navionics subscription on my Android but I would like to have it on the boat as well. The system is flush mount and it looks like I have to take it out to access the chart card.

1- Is it possible to purchase and update charts without removing the card?

2- Can you transfer ownership of the current card?

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If it were me, and if it is possible I would start with contacting the company tech support.

Yes you can update without removing the card, but it requires a Navionics subscription that is separate from your mobile app subscription.

No need to transfer ownership of the card, if there is a valid subscription, it will let you update as much as you want for free. When the subscription ends you pay $99 and it will unlock another year. Yes you log in to Navionics with a password, but it doesn’t matter that you didn’t buy the card. Navionics only knows the serial number on the card and will renew the subscription regardless of who logged in.
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