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I have been eyeing this wetbike for 5 years or more, just sitting in a yard. I finally got the guts up to knock and ask if he'd sell it. He said "give me $10 and get it out of my yard", so I almost broke my hand getting my wallet out!

Should be an interesting winter project, I have taken any time to see if it will turn over yet. I'm expecting to completely rebuild the engine.

Can't seem to load a pic, will do so asap.:bonk:


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Tell us about the engine. I have the pics you posted on the other site and the demo youtube video I'll post here. Boy from the girl on the bike in the add you posted you can sure tell it was in the BIG HAIR 80's days. LOL.




Wakeboarder Extraordinaire
It's a 798cc 60hp suzuki engine, I'm hoping to find an hour to pull it this week. I hooked a battery to it and got a little action, so I think cleaning the carbs and dropping some oil in the cylinders may be a good start. Will take pics and post them as I go.


Wakeboarder Extraordinaire
I haven't had much time to play with it, I was able to turn the crank so I'm happy that it isn't locked up.

Unfortunately I think I'm going to pay someone to repair it, as the spring time is the busy time for my business and I want to be able to play with it this summer.

As soon as I make any progress, I will post updates and pics.