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270 Signature bond wire question


New member
Hello everyone. I have a 270 that's wasn't looked after before me so I'm currently restoring it. Just rebuilt the 496, new Transom assy, harness..etc..etc. There was a green bond wire attached to a 10/32 stud below the inner Transom plate and above the garbord. This stud was screwed into the Fiberglass, and poorly at that. The stud no longer has any grab so I removed it and ran the bond to the metal bracket that holds the trim pump. What is the point of a bond wire attached to fiberglass? This is an insulator. I have a few green wires attached to fiberglass. This I do not understand.


Active member
Bonding wires go to anything that is metal that is in the water. As a sea strainer for your A.C. or any other though hull fitting. Also your outdrive or any other running gear. Well, plastic ones don't need them, but they don't last that long. This protects that metal from stray currents and extends its life.