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Who's ready to go boating?

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I am.
Unless it looks like this. :eek:

How do you carry your dingy?


Chased down the Queen on the Ohio River.

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As we were launching we saw the tail end of the old Mississippi Queen which is now called the American Heritage. Beautiful boat.
After stowing the trailer and picking up my wife we headed up river chasing the Queen. We caught her about 6 miles upriver.

I've seen it and others pass a few times this year but this is the first time we were in the water at the right time.

For mercruiser gimbal bearings only

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From inner race to housing

Be cautious with starter bolts

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Customer buys a ProTorque starter from a dealer, does not come with bolts. I go to the same store and ask for the starter bolts for ProTorque starter. I get 10-806343 2.
Install the first bolt and the starter is a bit loose.Verify the same with the second bolt. Only recourse was to add a washer from a drive mounting kit to actually have the starter tight.
Loose bolts lead to broken bolts or engine casting failure