4.3 cause of water coolant in 2 or 3 cylinders?


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Hello all! My Boat ran great last season so after our last trip I fogged the motor changed the oil and filled both water hoses with coolant, and left it alone, tried to start this weekend and the motor was hydro locked, I found water in 3 cylinders 2 on one side one on the other , my question is the boat hadn't even been ran, the oil isn't milky and it was definitely the orange antifreeze that I filled the system with that came out of the cylinders, motor is free now and spins perfectly but im confused what could cause this ? Is there a gasket or seal that it could leaked passed? Remember I ran it on muffs fogged it and burned all of the fuel out of the carb, then changed the oil and filled the cooling system it hasn't been started . Thanks for any assistance!


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It appears I have a manifold leak and this riser is cracked !


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