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Hi I’m looking at selling off my bowrider for a cuddy cabin boat. I’m just not sure on the sizes of the beds. I’m 6’4” and my wife is 5’10”.
Is there anywhere to get dimensions of the cuddy bed of a 215ssi ?


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The other thing to consider is cabin height. Small boats are not made for tall people, and some big boats are not either.
Except for mine. My one friend was the measuring stick for the bottom of my radair arch, he is 6'7.
When I put up my camper top, I have a room that is 6' x 10' by 6'7. Plus I have a small cabin for us little people. LOL
Little bit of canvas work is a lot cheaper then a big boat.


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My boat is a 235XLC. I am 5' 6-1/2". The horizontal dimensions are pretty good for me. A reasonable amount of room to stretch out with room to spare. Vertical measurements are a different story. When laying down in the forward area of the cuddy [bow], you can't sit up. You kinda have to crawl/slide to get to the steps leading out on to the deck. At your 6' 4" height, you'll probably fit ok but not much room to spare. And if you're going to take a porta potty with you....well, hope you can bend over! haha

But then I take into account you're looking at a 215ssi. I've never seen one in person, but looking at some images, I don't think it's gonna be a good fit for you guys. especially if you're both going to overnight somewhere. But if you're only going to use the cuddy for storage, that would work.

Before you buy that boat, make sure you and your wife both try the cuddy together.
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I can easily fit at 6'2" with my fiancé at 5'7" on the 2550 SX berth. You may want to look for a 265 SSI as a minimum comfortable cuddy size. The 215 SSI is tiny and the cabin isn't really usable.