DPS-A linkage not moving enough to engage transmission properly


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2008 236 SSX with Volvo 5.7 and DPS-A drive. Boat was running perfectly last fall, no issues before. Brought it out of storage and for some reason, forward wouldn't engage and reverse seemed not right. Pulled off the drive cover and looked at the shifter cable. Unhooked the cable and seemed to shift fine manually, but the cable linkage definitely looked like it needed like 3/4 - 1" of adjustment. So, tried to adjust the cable at the drive and not enough threads to make it work. Checked at the helm and used up all the adjustment there. Now it will work, but there is zero future adjustment and I really need to go another 1/8", as forward just isn't quite far enough.

So, what happened? Did something change in the actual transmission at the cone clutch? The cable can't just lengthen. Do I try and turn a few more threads along the shifter cable at the drive to get more adjustment? Stainless doesn't thread easy and not sure I am addressing the real problem.