How old is your tow vehicle?


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I agree 110% on being straped front and rear. I also do two straps on the front. Cheap insurance.
My son bought a boat and the trailer had retractable ratchet straps mounted to the trailer. Made is extra easy to strap her down. I found similar ones I could add to my trailer to make strapping down so simple even a monkey could do it. :D

I found them at etrailer. you'll see the name in the image.



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:wow: nice set up you have there. Your boat looks huge. surprised it is under 9k.
I agree with not maxing out your tow capabilities. Many times the vehicle might be able to tow the load, but more important, can it stop the load efficiently? I've found that stopping is very important. :D
My package is 1500 lbs over weight, and there is no problem stopping her. Between the trailer and the Acadia braking system, (which is the same that is of the Yukon's) and my not exceeding 55mph, plus leaving a lot of room up front, I'm very confident in being able to stop. I did have to make one power stop, and the ABS never kicked in, and nothing locked up.


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I just took my truck off the road for the winter [storm coming tonight]. I pulled into the garage and the mileage came out at 44000.0. I was surprised that with all the hospital time I did this year and not allowed to drive for a bit, I actually put 2042 miles on it. Along with retrieving the boat in April and dropping it off in October, the driving in between was just plain fun and exercise.

Lets hope this virus crap clears up by summertime so the Canadian border remains open!