Oil filter relocation


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I have a 2003 chaparral 183 SS with the 4.3 mercury engine. The oil filter is very hard to reach. Has anyone done a oil filter relocation kit on one of these?


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I did mine a year ago in Nov of 2021.
You can mount it anywhere you have space to put it, within the length of the hoses. I got mine from a company called,
Marine Power / Marine Engine Depot.

Great Co Service, made in USA.
  • 17506 Marine Power Industrial Park Ponchatoula, LA 70454
  • 985-386-2081
Make sure that the filter is not mounted up side down.
You will still have to put a plastic bag around the filter when you remove it, to catch the little bit of oil that will leak out.
You will enjoy not having to clean up your bilge after trying to be careful not to spill any oil while removing your filter, I know that I am.
Keep us posted, you may be ale to help someone else.
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