Skipped Canada/Erie Canal instead


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I’ve been really wanting to go to Canada and take the boat to Toronto island. But for some reason, not yet determined why) I have lost my voice. So, even though I’m vax’d and boosted, I didn’t want to take the off chance they might snag me into quarantine. So I decided to navigate a small part of the Erie Canal from Tonawanda to Gasport NY. About 20 miles which takes me through the locks at Lockport. Here are pictures of my trip.

In the canal above Lockport with oncoming traffic. BTW a spectacular day 252C81BF-6C56-4E6A-BC4F-A90B9EC1FEC2.jpeg

Approaching a control gate. Closed during the winter. Tonawanda Creek water on this side and no water on the other side when closed DFFE3197-F0A4-4526-AA6A-2F19543B1226.jpeg

Approaching lock 35&34. 1EB43A22-BF1D-471F-A7BA-39A1AE425C72.jpegCDE88F0C-D8A0-4E68-924D-97E41D807F99.jpeg

Exiting lock 35 into 34D9E9988B-D703-4F8E-8334-3D1C480EA200.jpeg

Exiting 34D9E9988B-D703-4F8E-8334-3D1C480EA200.jpeg

Approaching Gasport. A small little town but a nice restaurant and bar for a short hop. A31ACCA8-6D4E-46A3-BF90-485FA2E95D04.jpeg

My boat ride up.

Return to Lockport and entering the lowest lock, 34.

Look what I found on the way back. It was noticeable earlier. No idea where it came from. Could have been submerged. D0AE7C16-2576-42D1-9B74-D5575203A18D.jpeg

It was a great trip with no problems. A little intimidating when you enter that first chamber with a sizable audience looking down at you. Don’t screw up.


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Sounds like a good trip!

Thats why I like being in salt water. Last year we went to Sag Harbor N.Y. and this year we went to Martha's Vineyard. We also spent a 3 day weekend in Gloucester MA for the schooner fest.


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Looks like a nice quit ride, and a pretty day. If you can't do plan A, plan B always works.:)