Teleflex 5600 throttle creep, parts missing?

I have the four stick throttle and shift control in my V350. Driving slow is no issue but @ 40 kph the throttles slowing come down. It's hard to hold the for extended runs.

I started looking at the parts diagram and noticed I have no friction springs and set screws (pictures attached). I started reading and it seems these are optional.

Will these solve or at least mitigate the problem?
Screenshot_20220802-193809_Acrobat for Samsung.jpg

Bt Doctur

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adjusting the friction control is better, the shift detents would not hold it in place
The throttle cables are attached to the black arms. The friction adjustment spring and set screw are missing. I am going to pick up a 5/16— 24 Set screw and a spring. It looks like that will do the trick.