welding new hanger on trailer


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I have been on the phone and internet most of the morning looking for a shop to weld on new habgers on my 18 foot steel bas boat trailer. I have never welded be for. But i have the new parts . A 90amp mig welder. With .035 wire . But have never welded how do you do this type of job.


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Though I "Am Not" a welder myself, I do own a Mig welder and weld and fix most everything from lawn mower decks to my boat trailers myself. Mig welding is not all that difficult to pick up and apply in most cases, but if you are working on a potential safety concern such as trailer hitches where failure could cause death or injury to others, please do as I do and leave the welding to a professional. You could possibly pick up a few tips from this site http://www.submarineboat.com/welding_steel.htm.

I learned quite a bit on how to weld aluminum on another page of the above site, which was real useful in rebuilding a boat that I did.