a unique locking mechanism for boating items

Bt Doctur

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Developed this because a boat owner installed 1 inch alum angle to hold down the canvas on a center console.There now fish food ,sorry new owner.
The knurled retainer is SS and knurled, Start with a 1/2 inch hole and enlarge slightly for a tight press fit. Coat with 5 min epoxy and press into place.
The pin is called an "Avi-Pin" and comes in various sizes from places like Mc Master Carr or Graingers.
A short piece of webbing with a 1/2 inch grommet is all thats needed and attached to your canvas .
There are many other uses for this system, make a frame for your cooler and install on deck or swim platform. When not in use you have a flat deck or swim platform instead of the 4 corners screwed into the deck
Insert is knurled SS
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