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No idea how or where this happened but oops



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Wonder how long it took before he ran out of a dry place to go to. And did he think about or have time to get a life jacket.
Looks like it might be an Europe boat, helm is on the port side. Wonder if the under water part is as pretty as the out of the water part is.
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I read your post and at first I generally agreed. But watching the video imaging on the news and ALL those boats…….I began to ask myself…..”To where?”

I’ll bet most of those boat owners don’t have a trailer or vehicle to tow it. How many marina’s have hundreds of transient slips waiting to accept evacuees? I’ll bet none. My guess is they are left there cuz there’s no place to go.

What impresses me the most is the strength of Fiberglas. Did you guys see the large boats sitting on only the floating dock pillars? Amazing. How about those cruisers stuck in-between 5 story condo buildings. They are literally parked in the parking lot.

How long will it take for these boats to come to market?
Hurricane damage/flooding/repair is why I would never buy a boat out of the deep south like Florida or the Carolinas. Sure, the hull and cosmetic stuff can be repaired to a great degree but I'd think you'd have to at minimum, replace every bit of the electrical system because you would never be able to trust it. Corrosion is insidieous. It may not be a problem that would be detectable immediately but it could present some time down the road and leave you stranded somewhere. No thanks.
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