Chased down the Queen on the Ohio River.

As we were launching we saw the tail end of the old Mississippi Queen which is now called the American Heritage. Beautiful boat.
After stowing the trailer and picking up my wife we headed up river chasing the Queen. We caught her about 6 miles upriver.

I've seen it and others pass a few times this year but this is the first time we were in the water at the right time.

Thanks for sharing, she is more then just another boat. She is a work of art, with a lot of class.
I don't know why they always have to change the original name of things.
You can identify with the name Mississippi Queen, and the era from which she was.
Thank you again, had you not posted who she was, I would have thought it was just a restored river boat, being that I am not from that area or that era.
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My brother in law was in the hotel management business. He was manager of the rooms. restaurant and bar on the Mississippi Queen back in the late 90's. My parents my wife and I and another couple were invited on for lunch and a tour when the Queen visited Marietta. Most of the passengers left the boat to shop. We had lunch served in to us like we were millionaires. It was truly amazing. The boat tour was also very impressive. Loved it. So big. No wonder cruises on it are more than many of the cruises on the ocean going ships. And they are more fun I suspect.
I think it has to do with the volume of people and cost of operation. There is a large boat that tours the great lakes in the summer, and it is very expensive also.
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