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Howdy! Like many of you, I made the jump over from that "other site". I have a 2008 Chaparral 250 Signature on Lake Texoma in North Texas. I'm a private pilot, and I work in the corporate aircraft business managing a very prominent FBO in Dallas. Glad to see so many familiar names here. Should be fun.
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Hi Texas Pilot. Sounds like an interesting career. Welcome to Net Boat Talk. I'm glad you made the jump. :tiphat:

I'm an IT guy, I tweaked and tuned operating systems, then I retired a few years ago and run forums to keep me busy. It's actually relaxing for me and I enjoy meeting all the new folks from around the country and around the world ... except for spammers. I hate spammers and will cut em down on first sight. :gun2_smi::gun2_smi::gun2_smi::gun2_smi: