Greetings from Santa Barbara


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Hi, shipping a new-to-me Chaparral the first of the year. I'm eager to join this group for your knowledge and help as I get to know the new boat. Thanks in advance!


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Hi Dubnuh!!! Welcome to NBT. :tiphat:
Congrats on the new to you Chaparral. I'm always like a kid at Christmas when I'm getting a new boat. So exciting.
Be sure to post pics when you take possession?
PS. when you do attach a pic once it shows up in the thumb click the insert button on top left of pic, then you can select full size which is much easier for all to see without having to click the thumbnail. If you don't do that it will still post but it will be a thumbnail.


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Thanks Doc, and will do! Greta to see that this forum's alive and well. I can't wait to fire up the twins and head offshore to the islands.
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