It came from somewhere/not outta nowhere.


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The weather system has been very slow in exiting our area. Thunderstorms have been in the forecast every day. Today they said, nice early and then storms after 2pm. So I rushed down and took the boat out while constantly watching the sky. First there was a layer of cirrostratus clouds. Then popcorn cumulus clouds. That’s when I really started paying attention.

Meanwhile, with a SW wind and slightly building waves, I tried to give the hull a little scrubbing while anchored off shore. But that little piece of popcorn went to thunderstorm status in 30 minutes so I packed the anchor and raced on home. Not a drop of rain got me but the spray coming over the bow did. 😁

There is no reason to get caught by surprise as long as you’re paying attention. After all, you’re the Captain 👩‍✈️.


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Yeah, I'm at the other end of the Lake. I do not know the different types of clouds. All I know about them is the white ones are friendly, and the dark and darker ones are not so friendly. With a westerly wind our weather will either run down the shore line or make a left hand turn and head for Detroit. And if you feel like someone opened the refrigerator door, you have about 20 minutes to run and hide.
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