Very useful.

The bowline is a must learn knot. I had the hardest time learning it. Than I went to YouTube and shown an easy way to make one.
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Sorry for the over size photo on steroids. lol Easier for us old people to see, when we don't have our glasses on.:)
I have no idea how that happened, and have no idea how to fix it.
Anyways I have never figured out how to tie the bowline knot. However in 1995 I found this article about this knot.
It is a 2 second knot to tie, it has never jammed on me, and comes apart easily.
For those interested, play with it and give us your input.

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I had a boating friend whose motto was: "If you don't know knots, then tie lots" lol! And if you saw his stern anchor line, you knew he meant what he said lol!
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Thanks Sandbar for this very educational link., just looked at a new knot, looks some what like the one to tie fishing line.
I actually down loaded the link to my desktop, very cool site, thanks again for sharing. I for one will benefit rom it.