New Bimini top installed and ready for action


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Last June i ordered a Bimini top for the new to us Sunsation 288 MCOB. Ordered a Carver, all Stainless Steel frame one. Very nice. The same Bimini we had on our other Sunstation 288 MCOB.
Due to supply chain issue and covid we had an 8 week wait. Finally in Aug the Bimini arrived. Get all the tools together and put the frame together. Ready to install on boat but wait, where are the back support posts that hold up the Bimini.
Call company to find out those were not part of my order. Crap. I had to order them and wait once again for shipment. It took 3 weeks. By now it's Sept. We had a FL vacation planned and a little more boating to do so the Bimini had to wait. So now, finally, it is installed on the boat. Only problem, it is a couple inches to tall to fit through my pole barn door with the Bimini standing. So we have to unhook the rear supports and lay it down. No biggie just something else to remember. Can't wait to try it out on the water.

I have hockey tickets for today else I'd put her in. 85 here today and the water is looking good. I hate when I make plans then had I not made them I could have been on the water, in APRIL!!!!!! Rarely do we get to boat in April here. The weather can be nice but the river is usually high or so trashy you can't think of putting in.


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Sounds like one of my adventures, adjust as you go.
Many years ago, we had a sunny 80 degree day in late April.
So we trailered her up to the Detroit River.
Do to May not being very pretty, the next time she got wet, was on the 1st of June.
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