Liquid Addiction
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I have to fess up. Last night I was manipulating some threads from one forum to another and did something I shouldn't have. I ended up loosing 4 forums and all their respective posts. :hide:

The only way to get them back was to restore from a two day old backup. This means we lost a few of the recent posts. The most notable one being btdoc's 'other ride'. Please repost if you don't mind btdoc and we'll have that one back.
Anyone else who posted and we lost it, sorry. I hope you will repost. This is the 1st and only time this has happened. Totally my fault. I got in a hurry and tried a shortcut that was fatal. No recovering from that one.

So, as you'll notice I did not attempt to combine other forums. I've been to busy trying to recover the current forum.