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Replacement canvas


New member
Been trying to get a new camper canvas for our 2004 Chaparral Signature 330 and has been a nightmare. Now ordering thru rnr marine and they want the DT of the ameritex black tag. The original tag (white tag) is what we have which has a DT date of 11-18-2003. However they say date should be in 2011 or newer. Which is impossible because we have the original. Likely they are looking for an ameritex remade canvas to get the pattern. Anyone have a remade canvas that has those for the same model/year as ours?


New member
I am having same problem with my 2004 Chap 310 Signature. I need the Camper Canvas, Camper Top Frame and Bimini Top Frame. I need the part numbers before RNR will process my order. Anyone have the PN's for those?