Showa unit strong going down, very weak going up.


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I replaced the tilt ram seals, and the seals for the reservoir and the pump gear housing. Now on the bench, it goes up very slowly or not at all, and if i put my hand on top of it, it will not go up. Once at the top, when it goes down, I cant stop it with two hands. It is very strong. Also, if I go all the way down, it will not go up until I crack the blead screw and help it up. If I stop a couple inches from the bottom, then it will go up. Any Ideas what might be wrong?


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I'll take a WAG ....could those last two inches going down be loosining a gasket and letting air in. Going back up clears the air bubble.


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Not the gasket on the tilt ram, all of them have been replaced. I was thinking it could be the balls springs and sleeves in the bottom section of the tilt ram. Maybe it is not seated right.
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