2004 285SSI Specs


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I tried contacting customer service thru chaparrals website, it does not seem operable, below was my question:

"I am looking to find out some details on my boat as it came from the factory. It is a 2004 285SS with twin Mercruiser 5.0MPIs and alpha drives, the current configuration seems off with 19 pitch Mirage Plus props, The Hull Id number is FGBH0752J304

I would like to know what props came on this boat from the factory and what the performance numbers and gear ratio it had initially"

essentially I am looking for what were the factory props, gear ratio and performance numbers?


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I tried to find some info for you. I found specs for the Chap 280 ...not for 285. It was a twin with 270hp, but it did not mention prop pitch or I'd post the images here. Hope someone else comes along with more info for you.


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Good luck with that... Chaps customer service is almost as bad as there quality control.....


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well customer service was responsive, they sent me a performance index for 2004 with 5 different 285 SSI set up specs but it did not include my engine/drive combo.... so I'll give them a B for trying, I think my combo is not too common :(
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